Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Honest post

This is a bit of a personal post but I am going to share just a little bit of my story. I have been suffering from depression ever since I lost my grandparents. It started when I lost my grandfather and then when my grandmother passed it was then that it got really worse. My nan and Da have been gone for quite awhile. They say that time heals wounds but that is not true for me. For me its worse because everyday that goes by is a day that I miss them more and more. I dont know if that makes sense to anyone but it makes sense to me. My grandparents were my mom and dad. They were everything to me and there are days that I feel completely lost without them. My nan is the one who I would run to about anything. She was always there for me and always believed in me. I started stitching in 1994 as a way to cope with loosing my grandfather to cancer. I found such a sense of peace in doing this craft. After my nan is when I really seriously starting stitching. It became my thing to go to whenever I could feel the stress coming on. I am trying to encourage my kids to find a hobby other than video games. It has been hard but I am hoping that one day they will be ready to tackle either this craft or another craft. My daughter loves to read and draw anime which makes me very happy. My son loves his video games and his technology as well as riding his dirt bike. I believe that everyone should have a hobby something that they love to do. For me it is cross stitching and I dont care anymore about how I look while I am sitting there stitching. I love it and I enjoy it very much plus it has been helping me with my anxiety as well as my depression. I hope that everyone reading this is well and that you take time to yourself and be kind to yourself. Happy Stitching :) Cindy


  1. I also firmly believe that everyone should have a hobby. I have seen people with no hobby in old ages specially when they become empty nesters.
    Hobbies like cross stitch are so therapeutic.


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