Saturday, August 6, 2016

Current weekend WIP

I was getting a bit behind in my rotation so I had to revamp it. I have chosen to work on this at our house by Lizzie Kate for the weekend. It is mostly lettering so I feel that I should get this one done quickly. If the kids and my husband can leave me alone for a bit. It may rain today so that will be a great excuse to stay indoors and relax since I worked extra hours this week so I am kinda burnt out a bit. Last nite I took my girl and her friend to see suicide squad at the drive in. It was a pretty good movie. I had a bit of a time to follow along with the story line but my daughter filled me in. She loves DC comics and her favorite was in the movie that being the joker and batman. So below is what I will be working on. I am also going to be sorting out the beeds for the mill hill projects and getting those organized. I can not express how much I love to cross stitch. It is such a relaxing hobby. It brings me so much joy. I love all the patterns and how much love you can put into each piece. I love watching floss tube and seeing everyone enjoy this craft as much as I do. I only wish that my daughter was into this hobby as much as much as I was. Now that would be fun. It may come later in her life but for now she enjoys her video games and her anime. I am very proud of her and support whatever she does. My son well no chance of him starting to stitch even though I show him coffee stitcher on floss tube no way. lol


My Saturday stitching project

Well now that all the chores are done, and I made time with the kids, I am going to sit and stitch for a bit. I will also be watching Shamel...