Friday, April 14, 2017

New Floss tube

So many projects so little time

Below are the current projects that I have been working on in a regular rotation.  I love them all and want to do nothing but work on them constantly LOL but life gets in the way sigh, 

Love this one and I can not wait to start it  The gems are super cute :)

Still loving the reader by Nora Corbett

Slow progress but I am still loving the stitching on this one :)

The golden Girls by clouds factory.  One of my favourite shows. 

Love this one, It will be a Christmas gift for my beautiful Daughter.  The letter S by Nora Corbett

The frosted pumpkin woodland sampler.

My sweet kitty Stanley :)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A update :)

My current read very good so far :)

These books will be used for my cross stitch journals. 

One of my oldest WIPS finally finished!

My first ink circles pattern

This is on 16 count aida.  Love working on Aida plus all kinds off material :)

Just the beginning done on a 14 ct aida

Happily ever after SAL  by The frosted pumpkin stitchery

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Kids are growing up

Wow, my kids are growing up so fast that I cannot believe it.  My sweet daughter has her beginners.  Wow her beginners.  I was very nervous about the fact that she would be driving but I am very happy that she will be able to take care of herself and not depend on anyone else. 

My son is starting to really think about what he wants to be.  He has always wanted to be a RCMP officer and involved with the military somehow.  Those both scare me but whatever makes him happy.

I am still stitching everyday and I feel very bad that I have left the blog get so behind.  I will post a picture of my finish that I am very proud of. 

At our house by Lizzie Kate stitched on afghan.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Upcoming focus on finishes

Below are the projects that I want to finish so I will be working on them at least once a day.


Hello everyone,

I am so happy today as I am vacation!  Love it!  I love the freedom that comes from a vacation.  I plan on updating a lot here and working on my you tube channel.

Below is what I am working on and I am so close to a finish on the Autumn bird by Satsuma street.  I just loved working on it all the colours are amazing.

The reader Joan Elliott
The frosted pumpkin Stitchery Woodland sampler

Satsuma street--Autumn bird

Sunday, January 1, 2017

I am so sorry

Hey everyone, I hope that you all can forgive me for being gone for so long.  I have been going through alot of personal stuff with my anxiety and depression.  I have had to adjust a few things but I feel like I am getting better.  I am also going to get back into my youtube channel but I wanted to update here first.  I am still stitching, that has not changed.  I was lucky enough to have enough money that I had been saving to get a laptop.  I have a hp 15.1 laptop which is really nice because now I can update my blog quickly without having to go at the desk top computer.  It just gives me more freedom.  I have missed you all and I am still watching everyone on floss tube.  It was just hard because when I cant even look at myself in a mirror most days, I really could not face a camera.

So below I will post some pics of some projects that I have been working on.  I do hope that you are all well and that you are all still stitching.

The reader by Joan Elliott done on 28 ct monaco 

Cute Joy pillow that I found at bed bath and beyond.  Ellen brand :) 

Wood land sampler by the frosted pumpkin.  I am doing this again on 28 ct Monaco, which is my fav material.  I am plannong to do this one as a yearly stitch along

I love this bag I found it at my local LNS.

Satsuma street autumn bird done on a beige afghan material which is 2 over 2 

Possible Maynia plans!