Saturday, June 11, 2016

Floss tube

Hey everyone :) How was your week? my week was crazy busy as usual but I kinda like it and I am learning how to handle it all. I have been watching alot of floss tube on you tube lately. I even started my own you tube channel but I am not quite comfortable in front of the camera. So I put that aside for now. I may pick it up again soon once my confidence grows. I hope that everyone has a great stitchy week. For me I think that with how much time I have, I may only be able to update this blog on Saturday or Sunday :) I hope that you all keep checking in and leaving a comment to tell me that you were here. :) Have a great week everyone :)

Current WIPS for the week

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Too many WIPS?

Is it possible to have too many wips? I have been thinking that this week. I barely had any time to stitch this past week. I have 102 current projects to do. That is the most that I have ever had. Half of those are small projects. I am working on my first mirabilla which is called Sabrina. So I have been thinking that I am going to work on 5 projects a week plus my 3 small projects that I carry around with me. At the end of the week I will then put those 5 away and then pull out 5 more. I was thinking that with the amount of time that I can get to stitch that it would make more sense to do a weekly rotation rather than a daily one where some days I could barely get 50 stitches on one pattern. I like to at least see some progress on my projects it motivates me to keep moving. So I will see how I do with this week. Thanks for stopping in. Happy stitching 🌅🌅

When did I start cross stitching

I started to cross stitch when I was 23. I wanted to make something hand made for my grandparents for their 50 year anniversary. I found a really cute mama and papa bear pattern. I taught myself how to stitch. There was no YouTube back then and not one of my friends stitched so it was trying to learn from a picture. I almost gave up but as soon as I started that first stitch I was hooked. It is such a relaxing craft. I love the whole process of making those tiny little x's into a beautiful design. I have often thought about making my own designs but I am not quite ready yet. I have been stitching quite regularly all these years. The only time that I took a break was when the kids were babies because my focus was on them plus I was sleep deprived. Lol I can't say enough about cross stitching and how it has really saved me. I stitch when I am happy. I stitch when I am sad. It is just a wonderful craft. I always encourage people to pick it up. I even tried to teach my kids how to stitch. They are just not ready for it yet. They are always moving lol Thanks for stopping in, Happy stitching 🤗🤗🤗🤗

My Saturday stitching project

Well now that all the chores are done, and I made time with the kids, I am going to sit and stitch for a bit. I will also be watching Shamel...