Sunday, June 5, 2016

When did I start cross stitching

I started to cross stitch when I was 23. I wanted to make something hand made for my grandparents for their 50 year anniversary. I found a really cute mama and papa bear pattern. I taught myself how to stitch. There was no YouTube back then and not one of my friends stitched so it was trying to learn from a picture. I almost gave up but as soon as I started that first stitch I was hooked. It is such a relaxing craft. I love the whole process of making those tiny little x's into a beautiful design. I have often thought about making my own designs but I am not quite ready yet. I have been stitching quite regularly all these years. The only time that I took a break was when the kids were babies because my focus was on them plus I was sleep deprived. Lol I can't say enough about cross stitching and how it has really saved me. I stitch when I am happy. I stitch when I am sad. It is just a wonderful craft. I always encourage people to pick it up. I even tried to teach my kids how to stitch. They are just not ready for it yet. They are always moving lol Thanks for stopping in, Happy stitching 🤗🤗🤗🤗

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