Sunday, July 17, 2016

I am back :)

I am soooo sorry that I have not posted much in the past couple of weeks. We finally got a new service provider for the internet which is much faster than my old one. So let the blogging begin!! I have been stitching alot these past couple of weeks. I have found a new addiction to Mirailia designs by Nora Roberts I have been working on the below designs. I have only a few stitches in each so I will post the pictures once they have more work on them. The first one is Sabrina.
She is so beautiful. The second one is Gypsy Queen.
Direct quote from Nora Roberts When I was a little girl my 72 year old Slovak grandmother raised my sister and I while my mother went to find herself. Beth and I would run around the house like kids do. She would yell at us not to be “gypsy girls”. I could never figure out why being a gypsy girl was a bad thing. Wearing beautiful jewelry and colorful dresses and traveling with my friends in a caravan sounded wonderful! So I give you the very good, stunningly wise and mysterious “Gypsy Queen”. Thinking about it now, I think that was what my mother was. The third one is Luna. I love love pumpkins.
The fourth one is Garden party
I love love everything about the above designs and I can not wait to start posting my progress in each one. I have worked them into my rotation. They each will get the 2 days just like my other projects. Happy Stitching everyone :)

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